The New Industrial World 2020 (ENMI) Conference

22 & 23 December

In Memory of Bernard Stiegler

robot & human hands

The New Industrial World Conference (ENMI) is supported by the Real Smart Cities Project and organised by our partners in the Institute of Research and Innovation (IRI)  at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. This year’s topic is Taking care of Computing and Generations. 

This year the main premise of the conference is: If we take care of our technologies we will also be able to take care of the new generations.

Before his death on August 5, 2020, Bernard Stiegler planned the organization of the 2020 New Industrial World Conference around issues of computing and generations. During this conference, we will continue the work started around these questions, by relying on the texts of Bernard Stiegler and on the work of the speakers. 

Following the health measures decreed by the French government, the New Industrial World Conference will be held entirely online on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 December. Please register before 21st December on this site.