New Publication: Real Smart Cities [collected] Special Edition

Hyperions, futuristic design by Vincent Callebaut

Guayaquil Archipelago:

Epistemological Steps towards a Real Smart City

The idea behind the collection of texts in this issue comes from an
interdisciplinary research trajectory, whose focus is represented by the criticism of the concept of “Smart Cities” and as a consequence this issue proposes a radical rethinking of its assumptions, its horizons and its general meanings while at the same time maintaining a political philosophical perspective.

This research has received funding from the European Commission MSCA-RISE Horizon 2020, Grant agreement 777707, and is inserted in the general framework of Digital Studies and develops the strategic lines of research of the Digital Studies Network.

This Special edition includes a contribution from pioneering philosopher of technology Bernard Stiegler.

The edition is open source and the full texts can be accessed at the links below:

Sara Baranzoni, Noel Fitzpatrick & Paolo Vignola   
From Data City to the Living Archipelago. Guest Editors’ Preface
Noel Fitzpatrick  
The Data City, The Idiom and Questions of Locality
John D. Kelleher & Aphra Kerr  
Founding Common Ground for Citizen Empowerment in the Smart City
Ester Toribio-Roura  
Living with Machines. Ethical Implications and Imaginative Agency as Local Tactic [s] of Dwelling and Resistance in Everyday Interactions with Artificial Intelligence
Pedro Cagigal  
Sintiendo a los datos: el data as medium corporal
Sara Baranzoni  
Archipiélago. The rhythm of the city
Glenn Loughran  
Archipelagic Imaginaries: A World-Centered Art Education at the End of the World
Paolo Vignola  
Archipiélago y archi-pliegue. Repensar las relaciones humanas desde multiplicidad insular
Bernard Stiegler  
L’archipel des Vivants. Desiritoires laboratoires en archipel pour une politique et une economie des formes de vie